1000 Island Boat Tour + Boldt Castle

In early July 2017 my wife and I spent a day in the area of the scenic 1000 Islands.  During our visit, home base was the pretty little town of Gananoque.   A picturesque town in the 1000 Islands area of the St. Lawrence River.

While in Gananoque we used the services of Gananoque Boat Line and enjoyed the very comfortable 5 hour boat tour they offer called “Boldt Castle Stopover Cruise“.  This tour entailed a 90 minute boat ride to the famous American Boldt Castle, almost 2 hours to explore Boldt Castle and a 90 minute boat ride back to Gananoque.

Boldt Castle was very impressive.  The restoration work that has been ongoing for decades is outstanding.  While in the castle we viewed a 15 minute video that explained the history of the site.  This is a must watch video.  It was very informative and gave greater context to what we saw as we walked around the property.  Something we learned from the video was the common theme of hearts that are present in the landscaping and architecture.  Once we learned of that theme, it was fun to look for them as we toured the property.  Some of the heart accents are illustrated my photographs.

Since this site is to share my non-professional photography, I’ll share a bit of gear info.  On this trip I took the Fujifilm Graphite XT2 with the Fujifilm 10-24mm F4 and vintage Minolta 58 F1.4.  The images of the boat arriving to the dock, the images taken while on the boat as we toured the 1000 Islands, the castle from the water and the last image of the castle’s impressive boathouse were all take with the 1960’s Minolta 58mm.  While visiting Boldt Castle, the only lens used was the Fujifilm 10-24mm.  I only used the Fuji 10-24mm because it allowed me to shoot ultra-wide while walking around the beautiful property and the interior of the castle.  All images are out-of-camera JPGs (B&W were film simulation Acros) with some editing in Lightroom to straighten, crop and/or small highlight and shadow adjustments.