Junior High School Football Portraits

In my sons 2nd year of high school his football team did exceptionally well and went all the way to the provincial finals in Toronto.  Once the football season was done, I offered a few of his friends a chance to do some studio portraits in their football uniforms.  I had hoped that it would be a fun way to wrap up a great season and add a few images to their families photo albums.

For this shoot I wanted to keep things quick and simple.  I used my black cloth backdrop and two consistent studio lights (500 watt) in two soft boxes.  I had a low key approach in mind and this setup gave the look I was shooting for (pun intended).

With consistent lighting, shooting on manual and camera on tripod, the shooting was quite easy once I got everything setup.  During the actual shooting most of my time was spent doing small adjustments to the guys position in relation to the lights (the slighting movements made dramatic changes in the lighting on them).  Overall I was quite happy with the results.  This untouched sample was shot with Fuji XT2 and the Fuji 16-55mm F2.8.