Sheridan College + Vintage Canon 24mm

In mid May 2017 a few co-workers and myself attended the annual OCCCIO conference at Sheridan College located in Oakville  Ontario.  The OCCCIO is a multi-day tech conference for all Ontario colleges.  It’s goal is to promote I.T. collaboration between the provinces 26 colleges.

While at the OCCCIO I spent an evening of free time walking around the campus and taking photos.  My goal was to hunt for interesting architecture around the campus and photograph it.  This made my exploring the campus more enjoyable since I had a goal to work towards.  For this shoot I only brought with me my newly acquired 1973 Canon 24mm/F2.8 and the Fujifilm XT1.

As you can see from the images, the effective focal length of 35mm was an ideal focal length for casual use (also commonly referred to as the preferred focal length of street photographers) .  This vintage lens when stopped down only one or two stops from wide open is a stellar performer.