The towns of St. Jacobs and Elora

In July 2018 my wife and I went for a weekend trip to the towns of St. Jacobs and Elora with a brief stop at her old employer Bronte Creek Provincial Park.  During this 2 day trip I focused on B&W photography and only brought the Fuji X-Pro1, the Fuji 10-24/F4 (to use only if it was needed) and my favorite vintage lens, the 1973 Canon 24/2.8.  That lens is my favorite vintage lens simply because it is a great focal length for casual photography and it is just as sharp as the average prime lens today (when I have the lens stopped down to F4 or F5.6).  This old glass doesn’t produce images as contrasty or bold in colour as a modern lens, so that’s why I shoot colour in Velvia JPG mode or when shooting B&W, I do a little blacks and clarity boost in post.  For this trip the only time I used the Fuji lens was for extra wide FOV I needed of the new glass addition + river of the renovated Mill in Elora.