MOSAICANADA 150 – The Gatineau Garden of 2017

Mid September 2017 my wife and I visited the popular MOSAICANADA 150 garden in Gatineau, Quebec.  This unique and impressive garden was created as part of the popular Canada 150 years of history celebrations.  The garden is located in the “Parc Jacques-Cartier” (Jacques-Cartier Park) next to the Alexandra Bridge.  Here is a Google Map link to the exact location.

Admission to this garden is free and it’s certainly a garden to visit should you be in the area.  Here is a copy/paste from their website:

 Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories, as well as First Nations Québec and Labrador, unite to present 33 masterful works over five historical sectors. The horticultural friendship uniting Canada with Shanghai and Beijing has also led to coloured works of art which will delight your eye. 

To give some perspective to the attention this unique park has had, they celebrated the 1,000,000 visitor on September 9th!  That’s amazing.

For the photography enthusiasts, I photographed the park entirely with the Fuji XT2 and the 1973 Canon 24mm F2.8 SCC vintage lens.  There were only a few pics at the huge Mother Earth display where I used the 1966 Minolta Rokkor 58mm F1.4.  Because of the crowds it is very difficult to take photos and not have people in the shot.  But in cases where there are people in the pictures it helped to give perspective to how large some of the displays are.  The time of day and lighting were all wrong for outdoor, well lit subjects … but that’s what happens when on vacation and visiting a location for only an hour.  Even with the very harsh midday sun, I’m still happy with the results and the keepsake images I captured.