Fleming College + Vintage Canon + Fisheye

Shortly after purchasing the Canon 24mm F2.8 S.C.C. and the Rokinon 8mm F2.8 fisheye (purchased at two different times of the year) I did a couple walk arounds of the Fleming College campus in Peterborough Ontario.  It was a great subject to explore in my search of interesting design and architectural elements.

The Rokinon 8mm is not an adapted lens.  It has a native Fuji mount which makes it quite small and light.  This lens was a Kijij purchase (actually it was a bit of a risky purchase since I didn’t meet the seller, I did a PayPal transfer and they shipped the lens).  But it all worked out and I’ve been very happy with the lens.  It is very sharp (in the centre) wide open which works perfect for my wedding work when shooting the fun energetic images of the late evening dance.  I use it at every wedding to cover the late evening dancing.  To see an impressive, thorough review of the Rokinon 8mm, check out this website.